Yellow Coat for Spring


Spring Fashion

As far as I was born in August, I honestly the Child of Sun.  I literally cannot stand without sun even for 1 month. I am getting sick and depressed without sunlight and blue sky. This time I found kind a good addition to my distemper – yellow coat for spring.

Which gives so much joy, bright color, good atmosphere and all people glancing at you when you passing by.

Interesting discovery is that if you wear something which is not really appropriate to caliginous town, you are going to be exactly the needed sun in the city.

So take the trick and bring your summer and sen with you wherever you are.

_IM_2546 _IM_2567 _IM_2599 _IM_2608 _IM_2585 _IM_2588 _IM_2600 _IM_2590

I was wearing:

Coat: Yellow cat brand

Scarf: Vintage

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Capriso

Riga. Latvia

Photograph: Anvar Safo


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