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Upcoming Spring Supermodel Essentials

Spring is slowly spreading its wings and getting ready to shower you with sunny days and refreshingly warm evenings, simply begging you to finally get out of your frosty cocoons and straight into your sizzling outfits. And where should your look for style inspiration if not the world’s favorite supermodels?

This year, they have something daring, extraordinary and empowering in store for you. Take a look at some of the most popular, off the runway trends among fashion stars such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, their gorgeous friend Kendall and so many others following their lead.

Street Style Craze

The upcoming season is all about making bold statements with the help of rebellious streetwear. The simplicity of such a raw, gritty style is electrifying, as Bella Hadid shows us how these ladies effortlessly combine a baggy, grey hoodie with a pair of chic boots and stylish pants. Feel free to experiment and create striking combinations that would have seemed completely insane a few years back. How about wearing your sweats with your favorite pumps and intense jewelry with only a touch of makeup?
Take out that old, striped tracksuit, a glam bomber jacket and pair them with your favorite retro shades for the best effect. You will be surprised by how comfortable such a style can be, emphasizing your powerful character and giving you a taste of high-end fashion at the same time. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between street and sophisticated, so that you can look and feel your best, while turning some heads at the same time.

Comfy Classics

Along with this daring new wind in fashion, blowing everyone’s minds with innovation through unrefined moxie, there’s still a strong tendency for wearing those timeless classics that are meant to accent your natural beauty. This year’s trendsetters encourage you to combine these must-have items with edgy streetwear and create your own look.

Much like a white dress shirt, skinny jeans, black pumps for any occasion and a pair of knee-high boots, having flattering sleeved dresses in your wardrobe for any warm season is a must. To add a feisty note to such a casual outfit, you can combine a flowy dress with a statement necklace, and an unusual, restless hairdo. You can even go all out and put on a pair of branded sneakers.

Essential Accessories

These ladies have turned dressing into an art form by stepping off the runway in their own designs and wearing outfits with character. And how do they achieve this? Fierce attention to detail, of course! While a hoodie alone or a simple pair of torn jeans wouldn’t be such a sophisticated innovation, pairing them with luxurious eyewear, statement jewelry, and hot footwear makes a remarkable difference.

These naked, high-heeled shoes mixed with plain jeans or a sporty black jacket and a tracksuit turn an unimaginative look into a unique, extraordinary expression. Go a step further by adding a vintage feel with a pair of aviator sunglasses, or you can go the other way and add a futuristic vibe with geometric shades similar to those worn by none other than Kendall. Oversized, ornamented, tinted or retro, sunglasses have the power to bring glamour or funk into any combination.

Chunky rings, punk chokers, layered necklaces and geometric pendants together with a prominent nail polish and lipstick can add a vibrant tone to your look, without causing any distraction from the originality of your wardrobe combos.

Whether you’re already following the superstars of the fashion world or you’ve just been introduced to the basics of stylish streetwear, you can build a unique look by mixing and matching your athletic pieces with fancy details, or a sophisticated dress with a touch of defiance. No matter what you do, make sure to unleash your inner fashionista, and wear your cutting-edge style with pride!

The Supermodel Essentials

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  1. Rebecca 5 years ago

    It’s been 2 years now as I have my naked, high heels shoes. Wore them just once. Wanted even to through them. But now I see it is a New Trend!)
    Great. Good article. Thank you MOB mag.

  2. Christa 5 years ago

    Collecting Good pieces. This season seems hot.)
    Thank you.

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  4. “Excellent pieces. Keep posting such kind of info on your blog. Im really impressed by it.”

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