Summertime by Inese Galante – celebration of music and life


From 5th to 11th of August 2019, the concert hall “Dzintari” was hosting a great music festival “Summertime by Inese Galante”. It is important to emphasize that this year was special for this festival, because it was an 15th anniversary. Every evening of this festival was a journey to different worlds. Every journey had its own vibe and leitmotiv where all spectators could find something special for their taste.

“Emotions that we can bring on this festival are the most important thing for us. We love to see when our spectators are enjoying the music and atmosphere,” – said Diana Galante, the daughter of Inese Galante, who is one of the main organizers of the festivals.

First evening was fulfilled with Jazz music by absolutely unique singer Mina who is from Paris. The first minute, you hear her voice – your heart stopes. Her music makes everyone feel very special. At the end of the evening Mina was singing the Hymn of Summertime festival together with the muse – Inese Galante.

However, Mina wasn’t the only star of this evening, there were eight more amazing singers who have been performing that day. The US band “Hypnotic Brass Ensemble” – eight brothers, sons of Phil Cohran, the well-known Afro-American jazz trumpeter from Chicago, were playing, singing and dancing so emotionally and energetically this evening. It definitely made every person in the hall start to dance. Critics describe their art as “music of the moment” and band explains their style as hip hop to jazz to funk and rock, including calypso and gypsy music. Isn’t it interesting?

Every tradition on this festival was created by people. Here, every body part, every cell is fulfilled with the music. That is how you feel yourself here!

On 6th of August, we took a magical journey to Colombia with concert by the well-known band “Puerto Candelaria”. The music of this band let us appear at the sunny streets of Colombia, where music and dance are similar to the word – to breath. Their rhythm is full of imagination and magical spirit could spread their emotions not just in the audiences but all further to all Jurmala city. This evening was the hottest, in spite of the weather outside.

“This boy is something else, he blows up audiences. He makes people cry, laugh. He makes you feel.”

The 8 th of August, an outstanding performance of Stephen Ridley. Stephen left his wealthy banker’s life to become a virtuoso pianist, because there he saw his happiness.

He could achieve unbelievable success in a pretty short time and earn international appreciation from music critics and audience. People love his music, it causes goosebumps and happy tears. His music and voice touch the deepest strings of people’s souls and after his performance no one remain indifferent.

In our editorial opinion, the festival “Summertime by Inese Galante” was mind-blowing. We have been travelling between pure classic music to a new street rhythm. We felt sadness and happiness, we all wanted to dance and sing all night long. This festival feels like summer, like millions of summertimes.

Article: Ariela Mareida

Video: Vova Malisev

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