Street Style Guide – How to Rock Athleisure



What was once considered a faux-pas has become the driving force of modern fashion. If you take a closer look at the majority of people in the street, you’ll notice a recurring dressing motif that emphasizes comfort above all else, but still manages to exude haute couture. Now known as athleisure, sportswear, or activewear, this highly functional trend has taken over the entire fashion world by storm.


For those who only know how to wear their sneaks with hoodies and sweats, fear not. Even if it feels wrong to pair the most luxurious item with your most ancient t-shirt, or put on your plain white sneakers for work, athleisure has made it possible. Let’s take a look at how you can take this trend to the next level without compromising your own self-expression.

Softer with pastels


This year has a particular preference for cooler pastels, including minty blue and soft lavender, but they have the potential to transform your style. They can give a girly touch to your pair of sweats or help you add some diversity without reducing the level of simplicity in your look. Wearing just a single sporty item such as a cap, or a crisp white tee can be a great start for those who need to take it slow.

The main perk of this approach? You can easily fit it with your own wardrobe without going on a shopping binge, and there will always be more ways than just one to pair and mix your athletic garments. When you’re ready to take it up a notch or two, bring out your black biker jacket and blend it with your fanciest pair of pants. It’s precisely these daring combos that work best!

Form-fitting fashion


You have probably noticed by now that miniskirts and massive knitted sweaters somehow manage to remain popular over the course of time despite, for instance, this season’s obvious love for all things chunky and oversized. In the same spirit of comfort, athleisure has found a way to incorporate flaunting your figure without taking away any of the “oversized” comforts.

We are talking about lightweight sports bras that let your skin breathe even on the hottest of summer days, and stylish women’s sports leggings that feel like a second skin due to their form-fitting nature. Items that were once reserved for the gym rats and fitness freaks have now become the favorite picks of supermodels and celebrities for their unparalleled comfort and sleek, modern appearance. Nowadays, no wardrobe can survive without them, and almost no day goes by without you wearing them.


and asymmetry


Versed fashionistas among you will have no problem finding their way around a pair of jeans, tights, tanks, or tees. However, if you are looking for new, exciting ways to incorporate this chic sporty vibe into your style-book, look no further than breaking down patterns and mixing the opposite ends of the texture spectrum.

For example, off-shoulder shirts of different lengths and pocket sizes are a brilliant way to introduce the element of an optical illusion to your look. A dreamy, Dali-like appearance is all the rage, and entropy once again thrives in the middle of perfect fashion order. Steal one from your boyfriend’s wardrobe and see how it feels, then work your way up with those striped oversized versions everybody loves, yet few dare to wear.

Color-blocking for effect


Tired of a monochrome look that always feels as if it drains your energy the more you wear it? This season has been very generous in terms of including more color to break the spell of boredom, and athleisure is no different. An accent pink with your black biker jacket as the foundation is a brilliant way to breathe new life to your style, while bold orange, red, and green all serve the same purpose to surprise and dazzle.

Even leggings used to be made only with the sporty gal in mind, but now designers are starting to incorporate vivid prints and exciting patterns to offer more versatility to these classic pieces. As white and black are among athleisure’s favorite basics, there’s plenty of room to be playful with tones until you find your perfect mismatched match!

Elevate with accessories


Outfit details are the perfect example of how a little can go a long way in defining your self-expression. What may seem like an ordinary casual combo of a pair of jeans and your old college hoodie will instantly become high-class when paired with the right pair of heels.

Your earrings, hats, shades, and bags are all powerful allies in achieving this effect. No item can be too small or inconspicuous, so even a hefty ring or a bold lipstick can modify your appearance enough to create the right balance.

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