Plastic Surgery: Is It True Beauty?


Plastic Surgery: Enhancing or Changing our Looks

Plastic surgery has traveled a long road, going from a complete taboo, to being a novelty and a thing of trendiness, to finally settling down as a regular thing people undergo all the time. The procedures, big and small, have been perfected and made safe, and the results are more natural-looking than ever.

Still, it is exactly for these reasons that, if you are considering having something done, you should weigh the pros and cons, and do your research before deciding to go under the knife. Draw the line between what you want, and what you really need. To that end, we have created a list of the most common procedures done and whether they are worth undergoing.

Doing Your Lips

The lip augmentation procedure is one of the top most common ones out there. It seems like everyone longs for that luscious full pout. It can be done with dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid fillers, collagen fillers, and fat injections. It is a fairly simple and safe procedure, and its results can be wonderful. If you are dealing with lips that have thinned with age or have lost their symmetry, this is a good way to restore your pout and make it look naturally plump again.

However, there is a fine line between correcting an imperfection and going overboard. There are times when women have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the fullness of their lips, and the results can be borderline grotesque. If this is a procedure you are considering, be wise and do not ruin your perfect small lips just because of a lip-megalomania novelty. For more information on this procedure, visit WebMD.

Nip, Suck and Tuck

Almost every person on the planet longs for a perfect figure, but the question that poses itself is how far are you willing to go to get that perfect body. Liposuction and its adjacent procedures can, first of all, be highly invasive, full of risks and demand a long recovery time.

Still, when there are health issues at stake, meaning when one’s obesity levels are very high, and dieting and exercises have not given results in certain areas of your body, this type of procedure can be considered justified, sometimes even necessary.

However, being simply ‘not too happy’ with your body is not reason enough to go under the knife, as there are many other solutions you can give a try, like going to a nutritionist and creating a diet to suit you, hitting the gym and taking up a sports activity. If your major flaw is that bit of tummy roll when you sit, or your stronger thighs, you most certainly do not need surgery, you just need to acknowledge the fact that your imperfections are what makes you perfect and love yourself.

All Kinds of Breast Jobs

From breast augmentation and breast reduction, to reconstructive surgery, there are many types of breast procedures and even more reasons women undergo them. If you have been through breast cancer and have had a mastectomy, yes, you deserve to have this surgery if it will help you regain a sense of confidence in your womanhood and femininity.

There are other issues worthy of plastic surgery, such as having tuberous breasts, which is a result of a congenital abnormality that hinders normal breast development. This type of corrective surgery is completely justified, as your only wish is to look normal. However, if you have perfectly nice breasts and your only beef is that they are not large, think not twice but ten times before you decide to change them. Perhaps there are women out there who would kill for your perfectly symmetrical B cup.

Before you decide on having any type of surgery, make sure you are fully informed and completely comfortable with your decisions.  


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