Malika Roxi

Hello, our dear reader. My name is Malika Riksibaeva. My nickname is Roxi Mali. I am a founder of The MOB Mag “Mali’s Oriental Bazaar”.

I am 23-year-old. I was born in Uzbekistan, Tashkent city. It is an amazing place to meet the mixture of sun, hospitable people, natural fruits, vegetables (original oriental bazaar) and etc… The place with outstanding monuments and architecture. The place where you can see how naturally mixed and live in harmony the old and modern cities, habits of people and architecture design.

Currently, I am based in Latvia, Riga. I have a Bachelor Degree of Riga Technical University, and also I have studied in Dalarna University in Sweden, Falun for one semester. Nowadays, I am doing my Masters in Riseba University.

I am a fashion and lifestyle journalist, copywriter, broadcaster, photographer and at the same time person who always ready to learn new thing and explore new countries for traveling and making friends. I am in love with fashion, gastronomy, art people and travels.

However, The MOB Mag. is a magazine where is the combination of Asian and European fashion and art. The magazine is a “Silk Bridge” between Western and Eastern fashion/gastronomy/travel/beauty and lifestyle worlds.

The MOB Mag. will narrate you about the new tendencies in those industries. You will meet a lot of interesting, artistic and talented people from all over the world. You will taste the atmosphere and cuisine of varieties countries and for sure you can find and choose your favorite restaurant, pub, etc. The mix of styles and colors will shock you. You will definitely fall in love with this creative, fashionable smart set.