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Fashion Vibes…


We’ve had quite an eventful summer when it comes to the latest fashion collections, innovative designs and street style that took over the world by storm, but what about the gloomy fall? Well, it seems that the catwalks across the globe have inspired many a new trend, just waiting for you to test them all out – from Oscar de la Renta red fusion to Christopher Kane’s fancy Crocs.Photo by Raluca Georgescu on Unsplash

Let’s dig deeper into the realm of fall-friendly outfits for the very end of the year so that you can finally create your fireworks-worthy New Year’s Eve ensemble and craft a unique look for the following months. Among so much fashionable goodness, what will you want to find under your Christmas tree?

Give in to texture

Just when you think that December couldn’t get any gloomier and you’re ready to give up your styling career, fashion to the rescue! Nothing can turn a dull outfit into an explosion of excitement quite like playful textures, and to that end, let’s toast to the incredible eveningwear Marchesa collection of fringy treats, and feathery flows by Michael Kors.

But don’t forget to check out his fur-coat frenzy, as well. Glitzy add-ons for a popsicle-inspired glow and ample ‘80s vibes also easily found in almost every memorable collection, so silver, golden and neon glitter is the perfect way to be in the spirit of Christmas!

Dress in the tones of passion

Choco brown, lime yellow and olive green have been the seasonal hit of summer, but along this palette’s side, you’ll go a step forward in your wardrobe savvy growth if you add bright, loud, dominant red. This Santa Claus hue should brighten up your fall days in all shapes and forms, from oversized sweaters and massive coats, the likes of which we’ve seen at D&G, to Fendi boots and bold red stilettos.

Color-blocking for extra impact

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

It’s time to dress outside the proverbial box, and once and for all abandon the dress-code that doesn’t allow room for creative color mixes and matches. Whether you’re eager to impress with a new office look, or you’re creating a stunning outfit for a cocktail evening, the Calvin Klein 205W39NYC tops with a varying degree of ingenious, yet subtle color-blocking are a perfect choice.

Deconstruction and asymmetry

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Impossible pairings of different fabrics, curious blends of color and a complete lack of order are, in fact, the new order of things in the fashion universe, as seen in classy Burberry dresses (or something resembling a blend between a cozy sweater and a deconstructed dress), and many other fantastic outfits that embody the spirit of the season.

Headwear mastered


When the winds are harsh and the show is heavy, we all go for the thick-knitted beanie, preferably with a logo, or a quote on our forehead, right? This fall, however, in a slightly more upscale manner, and with yet another glimpse into the past, is all about baker-boy hats (especially on ladies), and for any possible occasion! For those who want to be in the tone of the season as well, plaid or checkered is a huge hit.

Athleisure still rocks

Photo by Xavier Teo on Unsplash

It’s been a very successful year for sportswear in all forms, and despite their original purpose, they are now worn as everyday casual wear, sometimes even as work-friendly gear, although your boss would really need to be light on the dress-code rules, and your tights truly decent. All in all, streets are flooded with hoodies, tracks, sports bras, leggings, yoga pants, and sneaks, in as many colors as you could possibly imagine.

If you haven’t caught up with the trend, you can start with Rihanna, as her incredible take on sportswear will live on in the months to come, and the look gives plenty of room to define your own expression through her comfy, but stylish garments!

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