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Look Sexy During Summer

Spring is also known as “preparing for swimsuit” season, and since the upcoming swimwear trends are more fun and versatile than ever, here is a list of the hottest ones this year and the right ways to rock them.

Tasseled swimsuits

This is a great choice for all of you who are not into ordinary garments. This swimsuit is going to make you feel sexy no matter whether you are swimming in the ocean, dancing on a beach party or strutting along the beach. Whichever occasion you choose it for, know that you won’t make a mistake.

How to rock it: Get wild and pair it up with a cowboy-like hat and big sunglasses.


It is basically your regular one-piece swimsuit with an update. They are accenting the waist and toning the figure. In other words, this is a swimsuit you must have.

How to rock it: go with natural prints and matching accessories, just like Aguaclara did on Miami swim week.

Mesh swimsuits

Mesh has always been cool, but this year, 2016’s creations are getting a little upgrade in the form of sheer cutouts which can range from nearly opaque to nearly transparent. If you really want to draw attention to your sexy beach body, opt for mesh swimsuits with graphic shapes that will truly make you stand out from the crowd.

How to rock it: opt for a black one and pair it up with light, transparent, mesh-like beach cardigan and a black hat with a big rim.

Halter tops

Just as Justin Timberlake is “bringing sexy back” in his famous song, so are a bit more conservative halter tops, as designers are obsessed  with them. They can be found in many shapes and sizes, from the ones with sheer inserts all the way to graphic and floral ones. They are the perfect combination of trendy and sexy.

How to rock it: These are great if you like to wear jewelry to the beach: just put on a bunch of plastic bracelets on your hand and a straw hat.


It is safe to say that bikinis will never go out of style. They are classic, sexy and flattering to most body types. And even though their base stays the same, they too get some small upgrades every year. For example, 2017 is going to be all about eye-catching colorful bikinis with subtle additions such as pompons and tassels.

How to rock it: Set your imagination free – they go with everything.

Animal printed swimsuits

Just like bikinis, animal print also stays in style. Especially those “big cats” prints such as tiger and cheetah. This season, you can release your sexy inner wild cat with ruffled leopard bikinis as well as halter leopard tops.

How to rock it: since they are already eye-catching enough, simple golden flip-flops and big cat-like glasses will do the trick.

Single shoulder tops

That one-shoulder trend is not just present among dresses. Asymmetric cuts found their way to the swimwear world as well. And of course, you can find them in all shapes and colors.

How to rock it: They look fabulous with big hats, sunglasses and a cosmopolitan (wink).

Laced up

The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 are all about straps and laces. But that really isn’t a surprise, since one-piece swimsuits with laces are to die for! And they flatter almost every figure! It is because they show just the right amount of skin to make imagination go wild (if you know what I mean). And even though there are many “innocent” designs, step out of your comfort zone because 2017 is the year of sexiness – so opt for a fitted one with flattering cuts.

How to rock it: Double the sexiness with those platform flip-flops that will visually extend your legs.

Low cut singles

If you want to release your inner J-Lo, this is the swimsuit for you. After all, your two “girls” also deserve to enjoy some sunlight, right? This is probably one of the sexiest swimsuits this year.

How to rock it: I recommend floor-grazing beach cardigan and platform flip-flops.

Wrap around swimsuits

This swimsuit is amazing because it pushes just the right amount of breasts up, while keeping everything in place. It is versatile and it looks fantastic; needless to say, it should definitely be on top of your 2017 summer shopping list.

How to rock it: throw on a mesh cardigan and you’re good to go.

Lingerie-styled swimsuits

If you’re looking for sexy swimwear, this is THE sexiest swimsuit of 2017. The designers were so clever, you can barely tell whether these are lingerie or swimsuit pieces. There are cover ups in sheer lace, there are high slits and many, many lace additions, ruffled solutions and baby-doll cover-ups. They might not be appropriate for water, but who cares?

How to rock it: put on a robe-like cardigan to maximize the lingerie vibe.

How do you like these swimwear trends? Which one is your favorite? Let me know.


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