How to care of yourself during Spring season


Spring Beauty Essentials

No more waiting for spring to come – it’s finally here and it’s in full bloom. With higher temperatures and occasional rain, we get to enjoy the lovely weather to the fullest. Still, change of seasons means that other changes should happen as well: you should swap your boots for sandals and start using some new products. Celebrities already know this – we see how much their beauty routines have changed in the past couple of weeks, and we’re ready to borrow their tips and tricks.

Masks for healthy hair

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to grow your hair long like Beyoncé or Kim K, or you’re thinking about cutting it off and rocking a bob like Selena Gomez, your hair should be healthy. If your skin is naturally oily, it’s normal for your hair to get greasy two days after you’ve washed it. This doesn’t mean that you should stop washing it or that you should wash it every day – on the contrary. It means that you should try to find the right products which will keep your hair soft even if you wash and style it frequently. Make your own hair mask out of coconut oil, one egg yolk and a tablespoon of honey; apply it on your hair and leave overnight, and wash your hair in the morning. You will soon notice that your hair is silky smooth and healthier than ever.

Light and bright makeup

We were all obsessed with marsala, oxblood and dark lipsticks and nail polish, but it’s time to move on. Leave the dark shades in winter and choose a palette of bright colors like Kaley Cuoco did. This will be a nice way to prepare for summer where the focus will be on tanned skin and natural look. Swap your matte lipsticks for glittery or sheer lip gloss, and you oxblood nail polish for a nice nude-brown shade. If deep lip is something you’re not ready to leave behind just yet, simply swap your signature dark red for a light orange-red one.

Glowing skin

If you spend some time outside, either going for a casual stroll in the park or walking a couple of blocks to work, it’s best you use makeup with an SPF. Halle Berry once admitted that she pays a lot of attention to her skin, as she is fifty and does her best to look as good as she always did. She always uses products with an SPF because she says they save her time when she applies her makeup in the morning. You can try Dermalogica primer with an SPF 30 which is a great product that will make your makeup last longer.

Shimmery eye shadow

Tory Kelly’s makeup artist, Luna, stated for Billboard that shimmery eye shadows will make a comeback. In the previous seasons, we witnessed glittery eyeliners gaining in popularity, but it looks like this year is all about glitters and glow. Matte makeup is still present and very popular, but it looks like lip glosses and shimmery eye shadows are making a comeback. While Urban Decay made a boom with their Naked palettes, they are now launching their lovely Moondust palette that’s filled with a lot of sparkly shades, and it will make any glitter-lover feel like they’re in heaven. 

High levels of humidity and rising temperatures are reasons enough to change your winter beauty routine and learn some new tricks which will ensure that your hair, skin and nails look great. Make sure you drink enough water every day and try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables – this is a simple but effective way to ensure you are healthy. Be active, get enough sleep and always find enough time for the things you love, because no makeup is as effective as true happiness.


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