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Along with supermodels, when it comes to searching for fashion inspiration – fashion bloggers and influencers are the ones to watch. After all, they’re all ‘real people’ just like us. Supermodels and entertainers – case in point, Rihanna – can wear whatever on earth they want and pull it off, but being real people who just happen to have excellent taste and mad styling skills, influencers are our most reliable and relatable source of inspiration. Therefore, let’s see what these ladies are rocking this spring, so we can follow suit and elevate our own looks.

Earthy chic

In the world of fashion, Alexa Chung needs no introduction – her name and nonchalantly impeccable sense of style precede her. In the sea of amazing looks, all of which you are free to draw inspiration from, there is one in particular that has caught our eye and it’s the Gucci wool mint green, silk-belted jumpsuit. The soothing and expensive-looking color, the wide-leg trousers, the wide belt, short sleeves that are just the right length and even the square pockets – it’s all working. Why? Because this garment is both sophisticated and casual, and you can easily rock it at the office, to an event, or a simple stylish day on the town. Pointed-toe flat sandals would go wonderfully with this look, but then again so would sneakers, so we’ll leave the choice of footwear to you – you can’t even go wrong with wedges as they would give you those ‘70s vibes. Woven totes, particularly the round Raffia basket bag by Zara, would be the cherry on the sundae that is this look, especially if you want it to be as breezy and springy as possible.  

Eyelash-battingly female

In the post-war era, Christian Dior told Vogue that what he wanted to achieve with his collection that features polka dots is “to make women extravagantly, romantically, eyelash-battingly female” again. Polka dots certainly have that power, and this spring, they’ve been resurrected and brought under the spotlight again. If you truly want to rock your polka, there are tons of ways to go – tops, skirts, trousers, but nothing makes quite the impact as a midi A-line skirt that swishes with the wind, so take note from the woman who brought us the We Wore That blog and bring on the dots. It might be too late to rock boots now, but you can always trust flat sandals or even mix things up with a great pair of tennis shoes.

Matters of formality

With spring, there will be many a formal occasion that you will have to RSVP yes to, and you’ll be expected to appear put-together in accordance with the dress code. Now, if anyone knows how to dress for any given occasion, it is Australia’s very own Tash Sefton. Australian girls, particularly Sydney ones, work magic with floral prints, so take a hint and snag one of the amazing murky floral formal dresses online from Australia and be ready for any event that spring throws at you. You can even follow her lead and throw a good ol’ moto leather jacket, just to add an extra dose of edginess to the look if the mood strikes you.

A dose of color

Spring wouldn’t be the season of awakening if we didn’t add a bit of color or, if you fancy, a lot of color. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Color-blocking is one of the hottest trends of the season, and if Susie Bubble can rock a hot pink skirt with an ultra violet blouse embellished with blue floral elements, so can you. We love the way she chose a long-sleeve blouse to go with her moderately mini skirt – it’s modest, casual yet just eccentric and alluring, not to mention sexy enough. With a high collar, an updo in the form of a messy bun is in order, along with killer eyewear. And you know what would make this look complete? A pair of classic Converse All Star sneakers in a metallic emerald green hue; it’s spring, so feel free to paint the town blue, red, purple – the season is your oyster.

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