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Ear cuff as a trend of the season 2017

One of the irreplaceable accessories from the Bronze Age, which was adorning many fashionmongers from the past till nowadays, is ear cuff. Despite to the fact that the beginnings of ear cuff refer to the times (that we have mentioned already) of the Bronze Age, many people still asking – “What is ear cuff?”


Cuff is the decoration of all parts of the ear and temple, neck and hair. Singularity of the jewelry is that it is as decoration can be wearing without puncturing; it does not weigh down and does not delaying the ear.

The history of this stunning jewelry sweeps through:

British Isles, where there were found;

Periods of ancient cities, a clear example of this is a well-known movie “Alexander”. The main actress whose name was Olympiad wears two types of ear cuffs;


Ancient Siberia. Among women earrings were much sought after, especially those which has fixed shackle around the ear;

Ancient India. Nowadays ear cuffs are still used as an attribute of Indian bride;


Ancient Thailand. Cuffs there were part of theatrical costumes Kinnaras and adornment of the statues in Thai temples.

In the postwar years (50th year), the demand for luxury has increased, the accessories and bijouterie became obtainable, and rush for femininity made ear cuffs worldwide well known.

Ear Cuffs was decorating the “ears” of celebrities such as: Marilyn Monroe, Lita Baron, Carmen Miranda. Today, they are Rihanna, Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson and many others.


Nowadays, ear cuffs are both feminine and masculine adornment. The fantasies of jewelers and designers have no boundaries anymore: you can find ear cuffs in the form of snakes, dragons, spiders, cuffs from pearls and diamonds, mini – cuffs, “flower” and many other copyright options.


Cuff can be both modest and delicate, bright and expressive. If you liked this unusual decoration as I did, I would like to share with you with my handmade DIY ear cuff. I found it so easy and fast to do. The result will bring you many joy and happiness, because cuffs are so fashionable.


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Photo Recourse: www.cuffsgiena.livemaster.ru


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