Create Your Own Cutting-Edge Spring Street Style


Cutting-Edge Spring Street Style

As we enter the warm, sunny season of 2017, we look back to the fashion styles from a few decades ago that ladies wore with their heads held high, and we can’t help but wonder: how did we end up here? The daring fashion (r)evolution has brought us not only new ideas in clothing, but also new ways of wearing your style and perceiving the concept of trends. What we see on the runway is no longer reserved for the crème de la crème of society.

We can, in fact, see some of the super models boasting their looks and combining them with their own innovations, opening up the world of high fashion and bringing it to the street. This Millennial-focused, Instagram-boosted dynamic is a reflection of our modern needs, and with such accessibility of trendy items and inspiration around every corner, it would be a shame not to fire up your dressing creativity.

Here are a few tips on adding an upscale twist to your everyday ready-to-wear combos that will give your look a modern edge!

Uncover Your Shoulder

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Whether you are wearing your turtle neck as a shoulder cut-out top with a single shoulder covered or as your standard one-strap t-shirt, spring will love your effortless asymmetry and loose sleeves. Bored of an old top? Just cut off one of the shoulders with your scissors, and you can leave the uneven edges to match your raw and rugged look with a leather jacket and ripped jeans.

Get Ready for Spring Showers


The trench coat is back! The epitome of practicality that has been put back into high fashion pieces, the trench coat is an absolute must-have for this year’s spring collection. If you’re bored of the standard khaki coat, pick out a vibrant colour, such as turquoise or bright red to reflect your daring persona. You can also find models that follow this season’s love for asymmetry with well-placed slashes and cuts. Whichever your preference is, the trench coat will be found in any store you visit!

Go Full Floral



The chic Boho style really is in full bloom this year. All the way from detailed, chunky platform shoes to your standard Desigual floral dresses, it’s far from a rehashed trend. The new Boho is saturated with colours, unique combinations of fabrics, while asymmetry takes centre stage once again with pieces that mix smooth materials with ruffles and tears. In fact, an entire outfit of floral items is what makes this design direction refreshingly consistent and brave this year.

See-Through Details

image02 (1)


You don’t need to wear a full-blown transparent dress to include this style in your wardrobe. The beauty of bringing high fashion to the streets is precisely in picking out the wearable items to complement your outfits. It can even be your regular shirt or leggings, just add a patch of see-through fabrics, preferably in uneven segments and that’s all your look needs to have that note of mystery and edgy sophistication.

The Glow of Glam

image04 (1)


The 80s are taking over the streets with their electric, neon glow and superb shapes. This vintage design has kept the essence of what glamourous stands for, now with a refreshing, sleek look with smooth lines and a sexy crystal glow. The simplified, but more sophisticated and luxurious items are now predominant with their all-around spark and glitter, so go ahead and peruse your favourite online boutique for the latest glitzy items and daring outfits. No true fashionista will skip this growing trend for the spring season!

Sporty Combos



We cannot stress this enough, but active-wear mixed with your most stylish designer pieces is the highlight of this spring’s street style. Some of the top names in the supermodel industry are confidently wearing these combinations- bomber jackets with their favorite high-heeled shoes, a sweatshirt and striped tracksuits with a snazzy pair of eyewear and a bag to match. You can freely look through your own wardrobe to find a similar sporty item that you’ve probably neglected so far, as it has been considered “unfashionable”. Now you can mix and match!

Find your favorite spring items, give them the once-over through the lens of high fashion and you will be ready to strut your personal look that will surely inspire many fashionistas around you!

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